Bill Cosby talks about the dentist


“Hey, want to hear Bill Cosby talk about the dentist?”

“Not really.”

“I’ve got a YouTube video, but it’s way over there on the computer. So, instead, I’ll just do my impression of what I think Bill Cosby sounds like when he’s talking about the dentist:

‘I would like to talk to you about the dentist. Now, my son Ennis went to the dentist. The dentist said, Ennis, you have a cavity in your head from eating all of the candy and the candy-cane ice cream and the ice cream and the jazz. Now, I told my son Ennis not to eat all of the candy and the candy-cane ice cream and the ice cream and the jazz. But my son thinks he knows better than his father, and that’s why now he has a hole in his head, just like the time he got carjacked and shot in the head while he was changing a tire at the side of the highway.'”

“You know you’re going to hell, right?”

“Just like Ennis Cosby. Jell-O Pudding Pops. Kodak Colorwatch System.”

3 Responses to “Bill Cosby talks about the dentist”

  1. That’s still not as bad as “Ghost Son.”

  2. 2 Joe Red

    Dammit Matt, I was going to comment on [i]Ghost Son[/i]. Hell, I still will.

    Good job on [i]Ghost Son[/i], Peter, and good job on this. Keep up the good work, and you might just make it to Double Hell one day.

  3. 3 Parker

    I think even Eddie Murphy would consider these posts about the loss of a loved-one crossing the line. Maybe I’m biased because Ennis and I were about the same age. Maybe because I went to school with Ensa Cosby—one of Ennis’s sisters—who I found to be gentle and thoughtful and charming. I have tried to imagine what it must have felt like for her to hear the news that her brother was murdered while changing a flat tire on the highway.

    I don’t kid myself into thinking that I’m going to change your mind about these posts or this type of humor. It just makes me feel all the more for Ennis’s friends and family who loved him dearly and miss him daily.

    I guess at least you’re keeping his name in circulation. It’s a pity he’ll be tied forever to his brutal slaying, instead of overcoming his dyslexia and aspiring to become a teacher.

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