Conversation with asleep girlfriend, a teacher


I enter the bedroom, where my girlfriend is already fast asleep in anticipation of another day teaching kindergarten students.

Asleep girlfriend: Congratulations.

Me: Thanks. For what?

Asleep girlfriend: For having the numbers.

Me: What numbers?

Asleep girlfriend: Zero to twenty.

Me: Thanks. [girlfriend rolls over and hits me in face as I climb into bed] Oof. Congratulations on hitting me in the face.

Asleep girlfriend: Thanks. I hope you liked it.

Me: I didn’t. Why are you congratulating me for zero to twenty?

Asleep girlfriend: For learning the numbers zero to twenty.

Me: Oh. Well, I learned those a long time ago.

Asleep girlfriend: Well, it’s still hard.

Me: You’re right. I guess I forget that sometimes.

4 Responses to “Conversation with asleep girlfriend, a teacher”

  1. 1 Kenneth

    Sleeping girlfriends are strange creatures. Mine sings for some reason and gets mad–while still asleep, mind you–when I laugh at her.

  2. You know what, Peter? Take the rest of the day off. You’ve earned it!

  3. Nice blog man, I’m glad I found it 😀

  4. 4 Chester Arbuthnot-Smythe, Esq.

    Difficult, perhaps; but an appreciation of the Michigan Rag is decidedly not.

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