X-mas VII


Every year when I was a child, we would put up our Christmas tree on the weekend closest to December 15. As I mentioned around this time last year, my girlfriend has different ideas about when a Christmas tree should go up. For her, just after Hallowe’en is about the right time. I put my foot down on this and insisted that ours go up no sooner than American Thanksgiving. We Canadians might not wait until then to gorge on turkey, but we do increasingly observe Black Friday, the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season.

In the end, I was deceived into erecting the tree about a week early, sometime around that other day of thanks, World Toilet Day. But with that job long out of the way and the ides of December nearly here, this lazy Sunday is a good time to upload my annual Christmas mix instead. As usual, it clocks in at just under 80 minutes, which makes it ideal for burning to a CD. Here’s the playlist:

  1. Band of Horses – “The First Song”
  2. The Pearlfishers – “Snowboardin'”
  3. Brian Wilson – “Christmasey”
  4. Remington Super 60 – Here Comes Christmas
  5. Barenaked Ladies – “Do They Know Its Christmas”
  6. Reverend Horton Heat – “Pretty Paper”
  7. Jill Sobule – “Merry Christmas from the Family”
  8. Everything But the Girl – “25th December”
  9. Fireflies – “X-mas Song”
  10. Ivy – “I Hate December”
  11. Daniel Martin Moore – “Christmas Time Is Here”
  12. Rosie Thomas – “Christmas Don’t Be Late”
  13. Ryan Adams – “Hey Parker, It’s Christmas”
  14. My Morning Jacket – “Christmas Time Is Here Again (Bring Out the Joy!)”
  15. Departure Lounge – “Christmas Downer”
  16. Glasvegas – “Cruel Moon”
  17. Summer Cats – “Plastic Christmas Trees”
  18. Hello Saferide – “Ipod X-mas”
  19. The Features – “The New Xmas Wishbook”
  20. Nellie McKay – “A Christmas Dirge”
  21. Russell deCarle – “Blues for Christmas”
  22. Lily Frost – “I Don’t Need Presents”

Download it here, if you like. Or don’t. Really, I’m just trying to give a little something back to the world after sneaking a DVD of Robin Williams’ RV into an unattended shopping cart at the grocery store earlier and ruining the day of whoever will have to buy and watch it. That wasn’t really in the spirit of the holiday season.

* * *

As before, the download links to my previous holiday mixes (detailed here, here, here, and here) are still active, you lucky people.

X-mas I (2003)
X-mas II (2004)
X-mas III (2005)
X-mas IV (2006)
X-mas V (2007)
X-mas VI (2008)

5 Responses to “X-mas VII”

  1. 1 Candace

    You have to have this on next year’s mix:

  2. 2 Candace

    And since I’m sharing holiday awesomeness:

    Guitar hero Christmas lights.

  3. thank you, Peter Lynn.

  1. 1 X-mas IX « Man vs. Clown!
  2. 2 X-mas X « Man vs. Clown!

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