Don’t drink Kraft Barbecue Sauce and drive in the summertime


My girlfriend and I can’t listen to Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime” without mentally substituting the words “Kraft barbecue sauce” into the lyrics, thanks to a television commercial that was played often here in Canada in the mid-eighties. My English friend Kitty says, “It could be worse: it was used in a horrible drink-driving ad campaign over here a few years ago, so now whenever I hear it I think of car-crash deaths set to jaunty music.”

Naturally, that prompted me to make the following video mash-up combining the two ads. My favorite part? Definitely the moment when the voice-over announcer says, “Kraft barbecue sauce gives you the sizzle of summer any time you like!” just as the horrified reveler’s eyes fall upon the smoking car wreck. How many similar accidents could have been averted if I’d only posted this PSA before the Labour Day weekend? We’ll never know. But remember, folks: Friends don’t let friends drive after drinking Kraft barbecue sauce.

2 Responses to “Don’t drink Kraft Barbecue Sauce and drive in the summertime”

  1. LOL
    Honestly gets funnier everytime I watch it.

  2. 2 KD

    The delicious summertime sizzle of human flesh on burning auto parts! Oh yeah!
    I just made myself a liitle sick.

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