Remembrance Day conversations I shouldn’t have had


Me: Hey, did you see that Garfield ran an offensive strip today implying that dead soldiers are stupid? Jim Davis had to issue an apology for being relevant for the first time in years!

Coworker: Well, I think sometimes we let this stuff get a little silly.

Me: I know! I hate all this Remembrance Day stuff too. Screw the war dead, am I right? Can I have a what-what?

Coworker: No, I meant all the political correctness is a little silly. I appreciate what the soldiers made for us.

Me: I know! Me too! I was only kidding. I wish I were at home watching Band of Brothers right now!

Coworker: You’re not making it better.

Me: No, no! I love dead soldiers! Wait….

3 Responses to “Remembrance Day conversations I shouldn’t have had”

  1. 1 Kitty

    I love you, Pet.

    I also love that a US-based (English) facebook friend wrote something about remembrance day on her wall, for it to be greeted by an American friend asking if this meant that she was going to apply for US citizenship. it had to be explained to him that the UK celebrates remembrance day too.

  2. 2 Peter Lynn

    I don’t see why the UK would celebrate Remembrance Day when it’s well-known that the US fought and won WWII all by itself and we’d all be speaking German if not for them. We should remember that today, which is why they remind us of it so often.

  3. 3 ginger blond

    we should all remember people who died in the war. it didn’t just happen ages ago but is still happening now

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