Recent status updates


Peter Lynn can’t look at 50 Cent the same way after realizing how easily “G-UNIT” can be misread as “GUNT”.

Peter Lynn is going to start coughing into a spray bottle and misting anyone who crosses him.

Peter Lynn still isn’t entirely sure he didn’t murmur “No, Dennis Wilson! Take these scuba tanks!” in his sleep.

Peter Lynn dreamed someone sent him a JibJab greeting card in which his face was superimposed into an animation of a gang viciously beating a hobo and setting him aflame.

Peter Lynn is happy that John Cazale died long before he ever had the chance to cameo in “Little Fockers”.

Peter Lynn couldn’t find a new bag for the green bin this morning, so he just threw his moldy clementine out the window.

Peter Lynn just had his mouth frozen for dental work and now sounds like Cousin Geri on “The Facts of Life”.

Peter Lynn is disappointed to learn Koko B. Ware’s parrot, Frankie, died in a house fire in 2001. There was good money riding on that bird outliving his owner.

Peter Lynn can’t believe he’s older than Popeye the Sailor Man’s canonical age. That’s one hard-living 34-year-old.

Peter Lynn is so tired he poured coffee into a cereal bowl.

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