Greek Mustache


My sister: What did you get for your girlfriend for valentine’s day??????


My sister: NO
that is a problem. I don’t care what she says, that is B-A-D!!!!!

Me: Maybe I won’t beat her for once.

My sister: but then she’ll get used to that, and you will have to do something different next year….so, no beating.

Me: Good point. I AM paying for the dog groomer tomorrow.
… after she dumped a glass full of hot chicken fat on the dog last Sunday. The poor guy has had crusty fur all week.

My sister: HAHA!
that’s funny

Me: I think he didn’t mind too much, because he tasted delicious. But the parts he couldn’t lick are hard and crusty

My sister: and you licked them for him?

Me: I picked his hairs apart.

My sister: you mean licked
just consider him your “extended mustache”.

Me: Ha.

My sister: I’m going to name my next dog mustache in greek

Me: And what is that in Greek?

My sister: I can’t think of it, but it’s got to be funny
oh, i think it is moostaki

Me: Moostaki  has a good ring to it. It’s almost wasted on a dog.
Have a child and name him that (or her).

My sister: don’t look up greek mustache on

Me: You know I’m going to do that now.

My sister: lol

Me: Oh no!

My sister: yes!

Me: It’s a Dirty Sanchez!

My sister: toooo funny

Me: Did you know that Screech from Saved By the Bell gives someone a Greek Mustache in his sex tape?

My sister: eww
that is so disgusting

Me: Just the idea of Screech having a sex tape is disgusting in itself. Even if it were all under the covers, in a dark room, missionary position, through a sheet with a hole in it. The fact that it is freaky, filthy disgusting sex is abominable.

My sister: i still can’t believe that was the number 2 hit on google when I looked it up. It kinda caught the eye

Me: Well, you can’t execute a Greek Mustache without Number 2.

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