Like that.


Jesus Christ. Okay, so I was just waiting for the bus. At the stop already were an old woman, a fat woman, and two little biracial girls, one in a big SUV stroller. I stood by the curb, and because I always position myself just so, it pulled up so that the door was right in front of me.

Excuse me,” the two women said in a really snotty tone, glaring hatefully at me. “We were here first. Don’t butt in front of us.” I hadn’t, although it it’s not like it even matters, since it’s the end of the line and the bus is empty, with seats for all.

“Excuse me,” I said. “I didn’t even try to get on in front of you.”

“Don’t talk to my mother like that,” the fat woman muttered as she got on in front of me. Like what?

“Actually, I was talking to you like that,” I said.

“Don’t talk to me like that,” the fat woman muttered.

I eyed the little girls, the older of whom was starting to look upset. “I’m going to talk to all of you like that!”

Then I walked to the back of the bus, sat down, and eyeballed them for the rest of the ride. Like that.

2 Responses to “Like that.”

  1. 1 Katherine

    Is this real? If so, you are my hero, Pet.

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