Recent tweets


Just so people don’t get the idea that this is nothing more than a Mike Love fan page, I present you with some hastily cut-and-pasted highlights from my Twitter feed.

  • I shit my pants one leg at a time, just like anyone else.
  • I feel like all every tweet by @denisleary should be preceded by RT @billhicks. Only fair, right?
  • Because Rebecca Gayheart is pregnant again, a reminder: Always secure your child in a car seat while running over someone else’s child.
  • Just saw a note on a coworker’s monitor that read “[NAME] will return on August 2″ and was very tempted to add “in ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER’ “.
  • I’m putting together a girl group/dance troupe called the Pussyfart Dolls.
  • Girlfriend: “Why won’t you see THE HELP with me?” Me: “I just don’t like movies with Oprahs in them!”
  • “Always see the good in goodbyes, and in this case, also see the ODB.”—Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s eulogy
  • I’m going to start writing food-based parodies of Weird Al Yankovic’s original songs. Let’s see how he likes hearing my “Dare to Be Stew”.
  • “All my horny friends are coming over tonight!” ~ Monday Night Fuckball theme
  • Just farted four times walking across the parking lot. “That feels good!” cried Bon Scott into my headphones.

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