Professional wrestling’s greatest stable: an oral history



1. Formation
“The only time this much havoc had been wreaked by this few a number of people, you need to go all the way back to the Horse Semen of the Apocalypse!”—Arn Anderson


2. Domination

“That’s right, Tully and Barry might be out celebrating right now, but we are still weeks away from the match that matters when the gold is on the line. How did you say it, Arn? Diamonds are forever, and so are the Horse Semen? And just as appropriately, the Horse Semen are always, always, golden. Whoo!—Ric Flair


3. Retirement

“Well, the fact is, I got nothing left to give. But being the man that I am, my last act formally as a Horse Semen, I got one last challenge. And that is to you, Curt Hennig. And don’t misunderstand me. It’s not for a fight. You got something special. What my challenge is to you, Curt, is to stand beside my best friend, Ric Flair, and lead these two men back to the glory and the prominence that the Horse Semen once had. And I’m going to tell you what your prize is. It’s not a spot in the Horse Semen. I’ll give you my spot.”—Arn Anderson


4. Reunion

“Now, somebody told me that the Horse Semen were having a party tonight in Greenville! Bischoff, is this what you call a great moment in TV? Wrong, because this is real! Just like the night in Columbia, South Carolina, when you looked at me—tears in my eyes—and said ‘God, that’s good TV.’ It was real! Arn Anderson passed the torch. This guy, my best friend, is one of the greatest performers who ever lived, and you squashed him, in one night. Then you get on the phone and tell me, ‘Disband the Horse Semen. They’re dead. Disband the Horse Semen.’ I looked at myself in the mirror the next day and I saw a pathetic figure that gave up and quit! And for that, I owe the wrestling fans an apology. Because it won’t happen again! Bischoff, you are a liar, you’re a cheat, you’re a scam, you are a no good son of a bitch. Fire me! I’m already fired!”—Ric Flair

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  1. Whooo!

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