X-mas XI


Ten years of holiday music compilations is a nice round number to stop at, so naturally I did another one. For the eleventh consecutive year, there will be no “Santa Baby”. The point here, as usual, isn’t to recycle tired old holiday treacle; it’s to compile a collection of wintry songs you can listen to in July to beat the heat, if you so choose. Also, I’ve been unable to bear “Santa Baby” since the time I saw Eartha Kitt go 20 grand in the hole on Celebrity Jeopardy. Something about the thought of jolly old Saint Nick giving it long and hard to a mentally handicapped woman skeeves me out, I guess.

There is soulful late-’70s saxophone suitable for, say, seducing a mentally handicapped Catwoman, on this compilation, however. Deal with it. What’s more, that’s not even the worst thing on here. There’s something on this compilation that is truly horrible. Something that will take you down the road to madness this holiday season. See if you can guess what is. Here’s a tracklist.

     1. Boots – The Killers
     2. A Doe to a Deer – Los Campesinos!
     3. Almost a Full Moon (Let’s Make Some Soup) – Hawksley Workman
     4. Green Grows the Holly – Calexico
     5. She Screams Christmas – Frightened Rabbit
     6. In the Bleak Midwinter/Lonely This Christmas – Sam Airey
     7. Old Toy Trains – Nick Lowe
     8. Hannukah Blessings – The Barenaked Ladies
     9. Christmas Wish – She & Him
     10. That’s What I Want for Christmas – Holly Golightly
     11. Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time! – Sufjan Stevens
     12. Stranded in Snowville – The Winter Sounds
     13. Christmas Isn’t Christmas – The Boy Least Likely To
     14. All That I Want – Vanessa Peters
     15. Winter Wooskie – Belle & Sebastian
     16. Winter Song (acoustic) – Screaming Trees
     17. Let’s Make a Baby King – Louise Taylor
     18. Snowstorm – Galaxie 500
     19. Goin’ South – The Beach Boys
     20. Winter – The Rolling Stones
     21. Holiday Road – The Walkmen
Did you guess what I was talking about? No? Then you’ll just have to download it and see. And for the first decade’s worth of compilations (detailed exhaustively previously), it’s all available in one big file. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “X-mas XI”

  1. Hi Peter, which song in that playlist is the one w/”soulful late-’70s saxophone suitable for, say, seducing a mentally handicapped Catwoman”? Gary here from @TheAutumnStones. Cheers.

    • 2 Peter Lynn

      Late replay, but that’s “Goin’ South,” which is also something you should do upon a mentally handicapped Catwoman while seducing her.

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