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Today is the fifth anniversary of what is easily my most read post, “Why I Hate Mike Love”. Not only does this post continue to draw traffic, but it’s actually been viewed more times so far in July 2011 than in any other month. The daily average number of views this month is 150% of […]

Having become aware, as I occasionally do, that I have a blog, I’ve also remembered that there’s something I like to post on weekends now and then: music videos. This one comes from your favorite Internet humorist, Jay Pinkerton, although he doesn’t know it. It was Jay who pointed me to this Metafilter thread about […]

When I look at the search engine phrases bringing people to this site, I’m a little disturbed to see that “child molester” is right up there. But I’m pleased to see that “mike love asshole” and variations on that theme are perennial favorites too. And I’m even more pleased that, now that I’ve put “Mike […]

Stupid computer


Any even slightly obsessive blogger spends at least some time perusing data to see who’s reading his or her blog and how they got there. For instance, I know that somebody in my old office was reading it earlier today. On the other hand, I have no idea who was reading it in Marietta, Georgia, […]

A few weeks ago on Jay’s message board, Matt asked me who my favorite Beach Boy is. (He claims his is John Stamos.) From there, it wasn’t hard for him to prod me into discussing my least favorite Beach Boy, Mike Love. Yesterday, I was talking to a co-worker, and wouldn’t you know it, but […]

Endless bummer