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X-mas XIII


Happy National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day! Here, as usual, is my annual National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day mix of seasonal music. It kicks off with Sammy Kaye’s “Goodbye, Mama (I’m Off to Yokohama)” and frankly, gets kind of racist from there. I’ll put it this way: A lot of Uncle Sam’s dirty little foes are […]

X-mas XII


On the twelfth year of Christmas compilations, your true love (yours truly) gave to you the same thing that he did the previous eleven years. I’m a little later than usual, although I already threw the link out there a couple of weeks ago on Twitter, where I spend most of my social media time […]

X-mas VIII


Every year, starting about July, my girlfriend makes me break out the Christmas music. Fortunately, since 2003 I’ve annually compiled one decent CD-length compilation of songs that, while seasonal in flavour, should be palatable ¬†anytime of the year. That adds up to around nine straight hours of music, which ought to provide plenty of variety, […]

Last week, I said I’d say a little more about Curt Boettcher, and what I have to say is this: Where have you been all my life? When I recently listened for the first time to his work with Sagittarius and his later group, The Millennium, I began to feel as though I’d discovered a […]

Having posted a Beach Boys video last weekend, I’m reminded that I keep meaning to talk about Sagittarius. Something I keep meaning to do is put together a non-Beach Boys Beach Boys album by collecting tracks by various groups writing in a pastiche of the Brian Wilson sound. It’d be easy enough to do this […]

Having become aware, as I occasionally do, that I have a blog, I’ve also remembered that there’s something I like to post on weekends now and then: music videos. This one comes from your favorite Internet humorist, Jay Pinkerton, although he doesn’t know it. It was Jay who pointed me to this Metafilter thread about […]

Coming from someone whose first three compact disc purchases were albums by Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, it may surprise you that my favorite guitar solo of all time wasn’t performed by any of these fretboard-shredding virtuosi. It’s from “Pushin’ Too Hard” by The Seeds,¬†one of the greatest and most inept garage […]

If you want proof that rock and roll is just the electric blues, listen to AC/DC’s “Jailbreak” and imagine the verses being delivered in John Lee Hooker’s low growl. The murder over a woman here is heir to blues story-songs like Hooker’s menacing “Bad Like Jesse James”. At the same time, the chorus just begs […]

X-mas VI


My girlfriend loves Christmas — so much so that she made me put up my Christmas tree in mid-November. This was complicated by the fact that I didn’t actually have a Christmas tree. So we had to go down to Canadian Tire and get one, only to find that they cost about a hundred bucks. […]

“I can’t tell,” mused your favorite internet humourist Jay Pinkerton as he forwarded the link to the AV Club’s listing of the best music of 2008, “if the fact that I’ve never heard of basically any of these bands is indicative that a) I am old now, b) AV Club has exclusively selected indie college […]