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Though I’ve made up Christmas playlists for the last five years, I’ve never made a Hallowe’en mix, or expected to. But this comes by request of good old Ken Goken,1 longtime MvC! reader and former resident Bible college student of the defunct Jay Pinkerton forum, who’s having a Hallowe’en party and asked what kind of […]

Here’s another treat from Miles Kurosky — apparently the last song the late great band Beulah ever did. It’s actually a remix of a Yoko Ono song called “Let Me Count the Ways”. Well, it’s actually two remixes of “Let Me Count the Ways”. Normally, twice the Ono would make me shout “Oh, no!”, but […]

2002: The Delgados — Hate I said before that if Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot had come out in 2001, it might have been a contender for that year. It did come out in 2002, but you know what? I don’t listen to it nearly as much these days, now that Wilco’s taken an unexpected left […]

Because it turns out the current year isn’t 1994, we continue…. 1995: Oasis — (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Not only do I have to plead guilty to the charges of rockism, but I have to own up to preferring Oasis to Radiohead. Radiohead’s one of those bands I’ve always respected more than I liked, […]

1988: Galaxie 500 — Today The Pixies’ Surfer Rosa was a seminal debut album of 1988, but I give the nod to their fellow Boston band Galaxie 500, who also debuted that year. On one hand, the Pixies heavily influenced grunge with their loud-quiet-loud dynamics, but on the other, Galaxie 500 basically invented slowcore, so […]

1981: Van Halen — Fair Warning Diamond Dave is in fine form here. I’m always mildly surprised at the F-bomb in “Sinners Swing!”, although I’m not sure why. I guess it’s just sort of at odds with the theme-park image of decadence I’d become used to by watching his early solo videos, which really show […]

A couple of weeks back, I got an e-mail from your favorite defunct internet humourist Jay Pinkerton complaining that the “rat-finks” at the Onion AV Club had swiped his idea for making a list of his favorite albums for every year he’d been alive. “Those bums stole my idea!” said Jay. “Why I oughtta!” Of […]

Concert roundup


It’s been an active week on the local music scene (local meaning “me”). I’ve been to three concerts in one week, and I even squeezed in a visit back home for Thanksgiving. But you don’t want to hear about all that. It’s all about the music, man. Brian Wilson Wednesday, October 6 Massey Hall, Toronto […]

You know you’re at an indie rock show when the band has to get their hands stamped just like everybody else. In fact, when I caught the Beulah concert tonight at Lee’s Palace, I was talking to this guy Danny for quite a while before the show before realizing he was actually the drummer. Beulah […]

September Gurls


A short message today because my mortal enemies Mississauga Transit screwed me today. Why must their buses come at completely random times? Why do they lie? Because they’re jerks. Anyway, I’m always happy when I go into a store and they’re playing a song I like. I invariably wet my pants with glee when the […]