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I should have posted this a week ago. But what’s the difference? I was busy and these people are still dead. Boris Yeltsin Little-known fact about former Russian president Boris Yeltsin: He was missing the thumb and index finger of his left hand owing to a childhood mishap while disassembling a grenade stolen from a […]

Around this time nine years ago, back in my old Golden Words days, I made the astute editorial judgment that the world was ready to laugh about the untimely deaths of Princess Diana, Chris Farley, and the Notorious B.I.G. and wrote a well-received cover article called “The 10 Most Dead People of 1997”. At least, […]

(The following originally appeared at Many celebrities died this past year. But who’s the most dead? As usual, CRACKED is on top of things. In fact, we’re so on top of things that we’ve already gotten a jump start on ranking next year’s Most Dead list. Which beloved stars of stage and screen have […]